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Wikipedia standards?

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I was just browsing the Wikipedia recently and I was curious as to what level of popularity is needed for a person, place, or thing to be added to the Wikipedia? This curiosity stemmed from a comment I made on my last post about Sasha and Zamani. I couldn’t find them in the Wikipedia, but a former colleague of mine is in the Wikipedia for being a political leader in the Yukon. Is it more of a popularity contest? Or is it based on how motivated someone is to add an article about a particular subject. I guess not many people are interested in African beliefs in the afterlife, but there must be some interest in the political history of Yukon.

Just to test the randomness of the Wikipedia’s entries, I clicked on the Random Article link on their main page five times and found these entries:

Montane monkey-faced bat: a critically endangered bat who calls the Solomon Islands home.

ISS Avenger: an obscure starship from the Star Trek universe.

Legal Practice Course: the vocational stage for becoming a solicitor in England and Wales.

Yuri Denisyuk: a Russian physicist known for contributions to holography.

Pedreira: the names of parishes in Portugal.

Would these entries ever make it into the Encyclopedia Britannica or the Funk and Wagnalls? I doubt it. But I guess that is what makes the Wikipedia so appealing. It gives those with obscure knowledge a chance to show it off in a (somewhat) widely accepted forum.

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June 23, 2006 at 8:57 pm

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