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The Farce is Strong

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So I found a couple of articles about a French photographer who took pictures of Star Wars figurines and superimposed them into actual images of French scenery and architecture [1]. The result is both outstanding and intriguing. I think these scenes work excellent with the figurines he chose and look better (if not much, much better) than anything from Lucas’ movies. If only this guy was the art director for the film.

And if you like Star Wars, chances are you also like Space Invaders. And since we’re on the topic of space and the french, here is another cool website from a different French photographer. This one took a theater of people and took tons of still images to create a movie recreating the game Space Invaders. It is worth a look [2].

[1] Via this MetaFilter thread.

[2] Via this MetaFilter thread.

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July 18, 2006 at 2:46 pm

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