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Lost – A Tale of Two Cities

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Last Wednesday was the season three premier of Lost. Since Cheri and I finished watching season two on DVD (in a rental marathon via Redbox and Netflix) a couple weeks ago, we were itchin’ for some tropical island madness.

Note: If you haven’t seen last week’s season three premier, then quit reading now since I will discuss some major spoilers.

At the end of season two, we found three of the main characters (Jack, Kate, and Sawyer) captured by the questionably hostile group known as The Others. Thus, the third season will probably mostly focus on The Others.

I thought the opening scene to the season three premier was incredible. I loved being able to watch Oceanic flight 815 crashing from the perspective of The Others. The entire scene just set such a creepy and intriguing mood for the rest of the episode and season. Are we finally going to learn about The Others? Who are they? How did they get to the island? How long have they been there?

And with the return of Lost comes the return of my newest favorite character, Ben/Henry Gale. Or, as many have already fondly referred to as Benry. Michael Emerson’s portrayal of Benry is amazing. I loved him in Saw and wonder why this man hasn’t become a cult superstar by now.

In the season three premier, we find Jack, Kate and Sawyer kept separated. Jack is in a glass-enclosed cell. Sawyer is in what looks like a human-sized Skinner box. And Kate is taken to shower and then to dine with Benry.

As I listened to the Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack this week, some of their comments on the season three premier made me think.

  • Oceanic Flight 815 was supposed to land on the island, not crash.

This comment came via speculation that perhaps the people on the flight were meant to come to the island to be new test subjects in the Dharma Initiative. How could this happen? The only conceivable way is if everyone on the flight had someone close to them that worked for the Dharma Initiative and they created situations in the passenger’s lives that led them to taking that flight. This could explain how Juliette had a full dossier on Jack’s life.

It could also explain The Others’ hostility toward the survivors. If the plane was supposed to land, then perhaps The Others were meant to go home after a “shift change.” And since the plane crashed, they are just as trapped as the survivors are. This may be why there are orientation videos at all the stations on the island.

  • Why did Tom say that Kate was “not his type”?

Some of the speculation from Jay and Jack was that perhaps Tom may be an unknown relative of Kate’s–perhaps an uncle or a brother. Could this be why Kate isn’t his type? Or is he just gay? If Tom is related to Kate, it could be another clue as to how the Dharma Initiative is connected to the survivors of the flight.

These are just a few of my thoughts about the season three premier. All I know is I can’t wait to see Benry and Locke duke it out in a balding, middle-aged cage match.

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Written by Eric Spiegel

October 11, 2006 at 9:00 am

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