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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the OR

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On Thursday this week, I had to go into the OR to have surgery performed to remove my fistula that has been feeding my abscesses. The surgery was successful and now I’m recovering. The weirdest thing about the whole ordeal is what the surgery actually did.

Since a fistula is a tunnel that leads from my butthole to the fatty tissue in my butt, it couldn’t just be removed. In order to fix the fistula she had to insert a drain in order for it to heal correctly. So basically, she threaded an orange rubber band through the fistula out the other end where my abscess is. Its kind of weird looking, having orange string coming out of my abscess, but I’m glad that the procedure is done. This way it will actually heal and I won’t be having any more pain from it. In a few weeks, I’ll go back to my doctor and she’ll remove the drains to the fistula can heal completely.

Written by Eric Spiegel

January 20, 2007 at 12:29 pm

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  1. You could hang a carabiner on it, hehehe….


    January 20, 2007 at 6:32 pm

  2. My friend had the same thing done — a brutal and uncomfortable healing time — good luck and feel better!


    January 21, 2007 at 12:33 am

  3. I wish you well, friend. I’m having a hard time sitting right now, just reading about all you’ve been through…


    January 21, 2007 at 4:36 pm

  4. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I am continuing to do better. But I think I’ll avoid the carabiner. Yet, it could be a very good place to hide my keys…


    January 21, 2007 at 5:39 pm

  5. Hi – I hope this comment shows up and reaches you, given the long time lag between now and the post!!!

    And please excuse the convoluted nature of this comment – its all over the place! but i felt i had to write something – I am so sorry to hear about the abscesses/fistulas – and that i feel for you, but also to say, please don’t make the mistakes i made with this disease.

    I suffer the same and can relate to the pain level – its extreme!!!! – after one of my operations, to remove part of my intestine, i was literally unconscious from pain levels (pain medication didn’t work for some reason) – in and out of consciousness, crying out like an old woman, please help me, help me – all i can remember – i nearly died from it, shock.

    anyway(!) — I have had severe crohns for nearly 10 years now – i (perhaps mistakenly) get the impression that you take this disease lightly (??)

    – some people can live normal lives, relatively – and with others, its extremely debilitating and steals your life away – its a continuum. its not a matter of just taking your tablets and going into remission. drs don’t even know enough.

    I went blind from cataracts (due to prednisolone steroids complications) – had to have 2 eye surgeries and now my eyesight – well, i can see now, but its poor.

    I lost 2 of my front teeth because I developed complication of scurvy (lack of vitamin c) – and now face possibility of losing all my teeth due to decalcificaton (thousands of dollars have been spent to save them)

    i lost my hair – and now i just can’t grow it back like it used to be (I had beautiful, long thick hair) – yes, vanity still rears its head! lol!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have ‘cushings syndrome’ from the steroids – ‘moonface’, ‘buffalo hump’ – basically, I sometimes look like a puff-fish about to explode – hehe!

    my muscles are weak – i can’t get off the ground if i fall – and I do fall often (partly due to eyesight)

    I suffer bruising all over my body from medications, poor circulation …

    i have severe crampings, leg swellings, breath shortness – i cannot walk around the block (but this WILL change, as I get to the point where i can strengthen myself again – one step at a time!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (much of weakness, again, from long-term use of steroids) – steroids is an awful medication, with so many complications – stay away from it as much as you can – but it has kept me alive, which I am grateful for!

    i was told my fistulas would never heal – drs have never even offered treatment, except the seton, which cut into me – and i was housebound for a year in bed, – everytime fistula leaked, it was like acid and a red-hot poker being jabbed into the privates

    – i remember screaming in the bath many times (I sometimes have to live in the bath, sleep in there, to alleviate the pain) – here’s a funny sight – one night, a couple of years ago, I was listening to a self help audio exercise in the bath – yes, its quite funny now I look back on it – there I was – in agony, and thumping the side of the bath, screaming out – ‘I am happy, I am happy, I am happy right now’ ๐Ÿ˜€

    – a positive thinking exercise – rather amusing picture I must say!! hehe

    i have nearly died on several occasions from complications – spent many months on and off in hospital over the years.

    blood transfusions, iron transfusions, now Remicade infusions (and they are starting to work – oh blessed, oh hope!!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    … the list goes on – i can’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore, because of changes to my looks from medications – i have never been overweight, but steroids have changed me with the cushings syndrome – thankfully, this is reversible as i come off the steroids (which also affect your ability to reason, thinl straight, your emotions, they can really stuff up your social life and ‘inner chatterbox’, worry, worry, low self esteem, depression – its a fight to stay positive on this drug! but I fight!!

    i lost my career from this illness, due to severe stomach pains, having to be on morphine, major operation to remove part of my intestine – i lost my friends, i lost my family – because i ‘look’ normal – many people thought i was just ‘putting my illness on’.

    still i have difficulty leaving the house because of inability to control my bodily functions – and ‘accidents’ – very embarrassing, humiliating and painful.

    i have lost my routines, i used to be a workaholic, define myse;f be my work – who am i now? another hill i am climbing because of this disease – i still have a hard time ‘accepting’ my illness and feel guilt if i can’t do things – but i must accept, and learn that i do have limitations, that i must rest at times, without the guilt

    – i am much better than i was because I am on Remicade treatment now (just started it over the last 3 monghts), although just had to have another iron transfusion last week.

    its hard to write/share what i want to in just a ‘comment box’. have been through so much and am alone, desperately wanting a ‘normal’ life.

    and its harder when you are alone – i know many people cope with this illness, but many people also have a social network, a partner, a family – i don’t. sometimes its hard not to feel sorry for one’s self, when screaming in pain, crying out for something, for someone to knock me unconscious because the pain is so unbearable, physically and mentally.

    10 years of my life … i try to stay strong, think positive – i have learned much and i know i will eventually come through, out the other side, perhaps have a life again. for now, i am on disability pension – i was given no hope a couple of years ago – but hope has been given to me over this last year, and i am fighting it, this disease, growing stronger within – I will not let this illness kill me, as it has nearly so many times – some frightening times.

    Again – please take care of yourself, really – don’t do what I did, and avoid facing this condition/treatment. I can see you are doing the right thing – but when you write, I can also sense that perhaps you may not know the potential seriousness of it all – as I didn’t when first diagnosed – I was just happy to have a diagnosis – a ‘reason’ for why I had felt so awful for so long (diarrohea and vomiting 20 times/day at least, so ill, unable to walk/eat – and being told by the drs to take garlic tablets!!! until i was formally diagnosed

    – the tests are so humiliating and painful too, as i am sure you can relate too!

    before then – i ‘had it all’ – a partner, a home, a great job and income – i did my PhD and Masters, Bachelors Degree – everything going for me – and it was all gone in an instant when my disease took a turn for the worse in 2005.

    its an uphill battle – but i will get there. but i also know that my body will never be the same. all the complications – my perfect eyesight, teeth, hair – gone. Unable to have children – might never have intimate relations again due to fistulas – will i ever find a partner or will i be alone for the rest of my life because of this?? who ‘am i’ – I am redefining myself, discovering what really matters in life – but still wondering what i will be ‘when i grow up’ – hehe!

    i am indulging in a bit of self-pity here, sorry!! – i am still weak, my feet swell like balloons and i cannot walk properly. i am still young, … where did my 30s go

    so much time bed-bound, and so much time housebound, yearning for a life, and afraid.

    sorry for being so repetitive – its early in the morning here in aussie down under! that’s my excuse for this looooong, convoluted comment anyway – hehe! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So – please, please, please – don’t make the mistake i made and not take this disease (and its complications) seriously. I did not. and i did not look after myself properly as a result – you are doing the right thing staying in contact with the drs.

    because of my stupidity, not taking this seriously, i have lost so much, never to be regained, physically.

    Mentally, I have gained much – and will gain more, grow more – and will share what i have experienced, so others don’t have to go through what I have – because it was all, mostly, preventable.

    thankyou for sharing your experiences, it means much. even though i have had this illness for so long, i have avoided looking into it, finding others with it, support – but now I am reaching out. Both to help myself, but also, so that I can, again, share my experiences, to help others with this awful condition.

    So much is preventable, manageable. I have lots to share, and I will hopefully get my blog on this illness up an running soon, to write more structured posts! lol!!

    Take care my friend. Eat well, exercise, learn as much as you can – and remember that your family, people, are so very important. I hope perhaps we will meet one day – when I have a blog/written more on this – and I hope that I can contribute to the world of crohns – to make people’s lives easier, as well as my own.

    I feel less alone now, after finding you – thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kind Regards,


    November 26, 2009 at 3:16 pm

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