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Burnin’ Down the Computer

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Fried Video Card

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Last week, as I was getting ready to go to work, Cheri got on the our desktop computer to wake it up from its slumber. Once she did this she heard some eerie sounds and a burning smell. I came over to investigate and lurched under the desk to see what was going on. Once I was down there, I peered into the back of the computer and saw flames — not something you would normally anticipate.

Luckily, my spidey-sense jolted into action and I sprung out from underneath the desk and pulled out the computer quickly. I opened up the case and had Cheri hand me a towel to smother any flames that might shoot out. Once I opened the case the flames had disappeared and a cloud of smoke emerged from the computer. This photo is the result.

It seems the new video card that I installed recently somehow caught on fire. I have no idea why or how this happened, but I’m very glad that Cheri and I were home when it happened and that it didn’t burn down the apartment. I replaced the video card but it appears that something else must have been damaged in the blaze as it won’t boot now.

Its not a terrible loss as we don’t have anything on the hard drives that we need right this second. Plus we have a new MacBook that we purchased recently — so we won’t go starving for computer usage.

Written by Eric Spiegel

February 18, 2008 at 3:44 pm

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