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A Relaxed New Year’s Eve

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Cheri and I ushered in the new year by doing what we do best — relaxing at home together.

The Cast from the Life, Season One

The Cast from Life, Season One

We were both feeling fairly anti-social last night and didn’t want to go out and dodge the drunk drivers last night, so we made plans to crash on our couch, stuff our faces with good (and bad) food, and watch some TV. Our programming for the night consisted of the entire first season of Life — the show about the cop who was re-instated on the force after being exonerated for murder after spending 10 years in prison. Neither of us had seen the first season, but we’ve been watching the second season and just trying to fill our gaps of plot details ourselves. My boss gave me the first season on DVD for Christmas.  We didn’t finish the entire season though — I fell asleep during the 9th episode (good thing there were only 11 total) and we decided to turn it off and finish it later today.

Damian Lewis’ portrayal of ex-con Det. Charlie Crews is oddly creepy yet very charming. His love of fresh fruit made me eat all of our bananas last night.

Written by Eric Spiegel

January 1, 2009 at 9:09 am

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