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You know what I hate more than circular logic? Elliptical machines.

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Cheri and I stimulated the economy a couple weeks ago and bought an elliptical machine from Dick’s Sporting Goods.  We’ve been wanting something that would help us get into better shape.  We considered buying a treadmill, but with Cheri’s ankle pain, we figured the elliptical would be a better choice.

Cheri conducted all the research into which model to get (with the help of  As I stuffed my face with Cheez Doodles, she informed me the most recommended model for our price range was a Horizon E901.  Its not too big and not too small and was a good price at Dick’s.  It has plenty of workout modes, a heartrate monitor, and an iPod dock with speakers.

So instead of choking down a gallon of ice cream each night, we both have been making a better effort to get more exercise.  So far the machine has been used almost every day by both of us, and we’re already noticing changes in our energy and the fitting of our clothes.

Once we are in much better conditions, we plan on trying to start jogging outdoors again.  Do I smell another 5k in the fall?  Perhaps, or it might just be the cookies our neighbor is baking.


Written by Eric Spiegel

March 27, 2009 at 7:44 pm

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