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GMail Image Spam

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For the last few months I’ve began receiving spam in my GMail account that has been getting through the normally outstanding spam blockers. These have been getting through because the text is embedded in a GIF file that shows up embedded in the body of the e-mail. So there is no actual text for the spam blockers to sort through, thus it gets straight to my e-mail. I’ve been getting at least a few of these each day and it has been quite aggrevating.

But there is hope. Matt Haughey has come up with an ingenius way to stop those e-mails from getting into your inbox. He has outlined the steps to stop this madness at his blog A Whole Lotta Nothing.

I wanted to comment on there how grateful I was that someone finally found out a way to get rid of those annoying e-mails, but I can’t figure out how to comment on that blog.

Arrrgh! Its simplicity irks me because I wish I would have thought of this months ago. Oh well, props to Matt Haughey!

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Written by Eric Spiegel

August 30, 2006 at 4:30 pm

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