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NPR? I Hardly Knew Her!

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NPR has saved my morning commute.

Ever since I started at my current job, I’ve had to endure an hour long commute.  Luckily, its against traffic, but still — an hour is an hour.  I’ve more or less been content with listening to my iPod during these drives, but after a while I feel like I’ve listened to all my favorite songs way too many times.  I don’t have the income to constantly buy new music to freshen up my drive.

This past week I started listening to NPR on my way to work.  Specifically, I’ve been listening to 88.5 WAMU, American University’s NPR broadcast.  During my morning trek I get to listen to Morning Edition and The Writer’s Almanac (hosted by A Prarie Home Companion’s Garrison Keillor).  In the afternoon, I catch All Things Considered.

NPR’s news stories feel more in depth than any of the news bites I hear on television or elsewhere on the radio.  I almost feel like I know absolutely nothing when I hear NPR go deep into the Middle East conflicts or critically analyze the current economic plight of our country.  But NPR has a way to educate while it reports, which makes me feel more in tune with what’s going on in the world.

Now I want to get a radio to keep in the house to listen their other great shows like Car Talk, This American Life, and A Prarie Home Companion on the weekends (I could just download the podcasts, but I rarely sync my iPod anymore).  I feel like I’m stepping backwards into a time when people listened and digested the news rather than just tasted news bites.


Written by Eric Spiegel

February 8, 2009 at 5:31 pm

The New Dollar Coins

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The US Mint announced today that they will be re-introducing the dollar coin into circulation next year. But this time, they will be distributing them similar to the recent 50 state quarter series. This time, every year the US Mint will distribute four coins that will have four of our presidents printed on them, in the order of which they served. The process will start with George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison in 2007. Since a president cannot be featured on currency until at least 2 years after his death, the program is slated to last until 2016, with the issuing of Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan coins. But by then, Ford, Carter, Bush Sr., Clinton, or Bush Jr. could kick the bucket and land on a coin.

I’m excited about this program, mainly because I really enjoyed the 50 state quarter program. I enjoyed the idea of finding a new design for the coin every few months. Similar to how I love it when the US Mint changes designs in the paper currency. For instance, all the new watermarking and slight changes in portrait size and positions in the new $10 and $20 bills.

One thing I’m concerned about is that will people accept the idea of a $1 coin? Its already failed twice in in the past (Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea coins). I would like the idea of a $1 coin, but I think a lot of people don’t like the idea because they don’t want to carry around all that change. But think of it this way, is it better to be able to carry around four quarters, or one dollar coin? And it’ll be less singles you’ll have to put into your bulky wallet. And if you lessen the amount of bulk in your wallet, your posture will be better when you sit. And with better posture, you will have less back problems. With less back problems, Americans won’t have to go to the doctor as much, thus lowering the amount spent on healthcare each year. Thus the cost of healthcare reduces.

See, the goverment just wants to help.

Written by Eric Spiegel

November 20, 2006 at 10:19 pm