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Guitars and Violins

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Ever since I was in 5th grade, I played the violin. I always hated practicing and playing in front of others. But it wasn’t until around 11th grade that I started to actually enjoy it. It was probably because I was finally (after only 5 years) good at playing. So for those last two years of high school, orchestra was my favorite class.

Once I went to college, I knew that balancing being in an orchestra and trying to be a physics major weren’t going to be easy. So I chose to give up the violin. I told myself that it would only be temporary and that one day, after I graduated, I would pick it up again. And I did, a few times. I would download some sheet music from the internet, dust off my violin, and try it out again–but it never felt quite the same.

During the times I played violin, I also was secretly jealous of my friends Cameron and Matt, who both played guitar. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar. And finally, last November my father-in-law gave me one of his. I was really excited and grateful, but I also felt like a n00b. I barely knew anything about guitars and I was in constant fear of breaking it or scratching it.

I really like the guitar he gave me and I also love the amp that my brother-in-law got me for Christmas this past year. But because of the ass surgery I had back in January, I haven’t had a lot of chances to practice. This is because it isn’t always wonderful to sit, so I’ve always put practicing on the back burner. But I’ve finally began to heal and sitting is something that I can do now without too much discomfort. Thus, I’ve gotten the itch to begin practicing again.

So yesterday, Cheri and I went out to Guitar Center and bought me a music stand. I really needed one since I couldn’t stand trying to read my music while it was lying on the couch or something next to me. Perhaps that was just a pet peeve of mine leftover from my violin days. But now that I have a music stand, I think I’ll be more encouraged to practice. Maybe I’ll break out my violin one of these days too.


Written by Eric Spiegel

May 19, 2007 at 8:45 am